BosGuy still blogging

May 1, 2009

Although I rarely come to this site, I’m still blogging away and these days I’ve added twitter to the mix so I’m both blogging and tweeting. I you would like to read my most recent posts visit me online at: or you can follow me on Twitter at

Blogging novice trying to figure out WordPress

February 14, 2009

I started writing my blog more as a self expression and hobby back at the end of 2007.  Since then I’ve remained faithful and my blog has grown if not in the number of readers, then certainly in the number of entries I’ve logged over the years. 

Unfortunately, my grasp of how to leverage all these great tools and sites that link to and feed each other has not always followed suit.  I’m a writer first and somewhere way down on that list of self-descriptions would be web guru.  I set up an account with wordpress hoping that I could have my Blogger and Twitter accounts link to and feed this site with content but to date my visits have ended in frustration.  I’m pretty certain this is something that can be done and if I was 15 years old – it would probably be obvious in the extreme, but for now I’ll have to admit defeat (again) and simply settle for this lame attempt at an explanation why you are looking at an essentially barren blog.

To read more about me and what I’ve been up to, you can visit me online at my blog:

Hello world!

November 17, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!